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Lightsabers Hilts


The classic guardian blue lightsaber.
⚖ : bravery, loyalty, intelligence, love, tranquility
Price: $80

The consular green lightsaber.
⚖ : peace, healing, calmness, serenity Price: $80

The blazing red lightsaber.
⚖ : courage, power, greed, lust, anger, strength
Price: $80

The majestic yellow lightsaber.
⚖ : intellectual, sharp, quiet, observant, energy
Price: $80

Choose between our 80cm blade or the 90cm blade


A standard black hilt, polished off with a glossy finish
Price: $20

A metallic blue hilt, completed with a glossy paint job
Price: $20

A metallic red hilt, finished off with a clean glossy look
Price: $20